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Spoken Word Written by Zuhayr Essenouni & Mounir
This spoken word is about how some young boys are enticed into gang life due to the lack of choice. Their upbringing saw this as the only option. They didn't find acceptance in school or home but got respect from gang members. They felt like they were part of something bigger than themselves. I also try to depict how they don't really care about you and the only aim is making money. so when you do slip up or make a mistake they will turn on you. The final part is about regretting what you did and wanting to change. This is a 100% guarantee for all gang members. There will come a time where it is either love, family or moral/ ethical reasons to stop. one way or another all gang members realise that the life is not for them.
We as youth should not be swayed but the idea of money and acceptance. Gangsters are not role models they are humans that are in a very bad situation and need help themselves. It is not a life that should be glamorised.
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Spoken Word by Zuhayr Essenouni Audio by Zuhayr Essenouni - [Crime Life Gang Wars] T Baby - Turn it up inst

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Street Life Spoken Word Self-Destruction
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