Alone in the dark

Afta-U Jennifer-Lynn Keniston Adult Mystery Suspense Novel Book Trailer Sometimes decisions made in an instant can echo throughout a lifetime.
In the pages of her new novel, Afta-U, Author Jennifer-Lynn Keniston, takes us into the heart of Jean Cartwright Rhodes, a woman who is struggling to come to grips with the heartbreaking and senseless death of her childhood best friend, Hope.
Twenty-nine years after the fact, Jean fights for her very sanity as she confronts the dark web of relationships and intrigue that appear to have been set in motion by a split-second decision she made in the aftermath of the tragedy.
Afta-U, by Jennifer-Lynn Keniston (ISBN 978-1-68028-427-0, November 24, 2015, Tate Publishing 212 pages, $16.99, is an adult mystery/suspense novel for ages 17 and older.
The book is complex and sometimes dark, and filled with Christian messages.
For a review copy of Afta-U or to arrange an interview with Jennifer-Lynn Keniston contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications Book Marketing or by phone 734-667-2090.
- The Mystery of Bulgarian voices Alone in the dark

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Afta-U Jennifer-Lynn Keniston Adult Mystery Suspense Novel Book Trailer
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