My Bass Is A Jungle

Sunset_Boulevard_-_JINGLE_JUNGLE Jingle Jingle A VIDEO MADE WITH 100 PEOPLE ... "Happiness only real when shared" "Sunset Boulevard Band" is our vision of reality filtered through emotional experiences that very often all of us tend to forget. Love, passion and fun, that lead us to composing a piece, to the choice of lyrics and to the message we want to suggest, are the basis of our mindset. So we have expressed into music what for us is happiness: sharing with all of you. Download this song:
- Video filmed on location in Rome. Made With 100 People. - Management: Top Solution Band: Antonello Sforza - vocals & guitar; Manuel Nevolo - drums, percussion; Daniele Dencs - bass
facebook: - Dubstep Hitz, Dubstep Spook My Bass Is A Jungle

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